There are many excellent laser eye surgeons in the UK. Deciding who the right person is for you, is an important personal decision. Your eyesight is precious and must be in the safest of hands!


Several factors which are important include:

  1. A surgeon with an excellent reputation and track record, with appropriate qualifications, excellent recommendations and feedback.


  1. An experienced surgeon, ideally a surgeon who is not only a LASIK surgeon but also carries out intraocular implant surgery, as well as corneal transplants and other complex corneal surgery.
  • Being skilled in intraocular implant surgery means that the surgeon can offer you alternative options to LASIK, if your corneas are not suitable for laser eye surgery.
  • Being skilled in corneal transplant surgery means that the LASIK surgeon is very experienced in operating on the cornea, and can use this experience to give excellent outcomes.


  1. A surgeon who will manage not only the surgery event itself, but will also personally discuss with you and optimise your eye health, both before and after the procedure.


  1. A surgeon whom you know you can contact personally before or after the procedure, should you have any queries or concerns, for peace of mind.

I was invited by Clinic Compare* to do this video on How to Choose a Laser Eye Surgeon. I hope you find it helpful.

[*No financial interest]