How to Put in Eye Drops, Gels & Ointments

How to apply eye drops

The method here can be easier to learn if you first try to do it whilst lying down, so that you are looking up at the ceiling. With practice you will be able to put it in while you are sitting in a chair.

If it is difficult to get the eye drop in this way, another method is to look in a mirror and put the drop into the outer corner of the eye opening.  Do not allow the bottle or vial to touch your eye or any other surface. 

If you have more than 1 eye drop to put in, wait 2-5 minutes before putting in the next eye drop. Put eye drops in before ointment or gel.


How to Apply Eye Gel

Similar to putting in eye drops, put a drop of the gel into the lower eyelid pocket. Gel is thicker and will blur the vision initially. Vision will clear after you blink a few times. 

How To Apply Eye Ointment

Sometimes it can be tricky to get ointment into the eye, as it curls like a little snake out of the tube. If you are having difficulty getting the ointment into the lower eyelid pocket whilst looking at the ceiling, or in the mirror into the outer lower pocket of the eye, another method is: Wash your hands especially the index finger. Make sure the nail of your index finger is not sharp. Put a little ointment onto the tip of your index finger and put it into the lower eyelid pocket.


Valerie Saw is an experienced expert in eye disease.

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Margaret Picken
I have only the highest praise for Valerie Saw and gratitude for her professionalism, kindness, and clear and calm advice before, during and following YAG laser capsulotomy on my right eye and the...
Kenneth Fish
Valerie Saw carried out cataract surgery on me as a private patient in April of 2011 at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. I am absolutely delighted with the outcome and can't praise her skills...
Christ Stott
Ms Valerie Saw is a friendly and very professional eye surgeon. She is very thorough during the examination. Valerie is courteous and immediately put me at ease providing just the right amount of...
Julie Brownson
I could not be happier with my decision to have laser eye surgery to correct short-sightedness/astygmatism performed by Miss Saw. Miss Saw is professional, calm and reassuring. She talked me through...
Carole Jones
What a lovely lady! What a fantasitic surgeon......My husband has only had one good eye since birth, and that was getting worse and worse. He had to wear glasses all the time and it makes things...
Heather Pearce
Absolutely delighted with result and service, couldn't be happier!
Bola Awoyinka
I had absolutely no idea of what to expect when I discovered cataracts in my eyes. And I was living abroad. On my first visit, during my initial consultation Valerie explained in very simple but...
Katie Price
Having laser eye surgery was the best decision I have ever made and, given the serious nature of the surgery, I researched the procedure and the best surgeon for me before commiting to it.The whole...
Kevin Carnegie
I was considering having laser eye surgery on my right eye. I consulted Valerie who diagnosed me with keratoconus. Valerie recommended inserting a Keraring in my eye instead of laser treatment. The...
Ruth Rowland
I’m very happy with my diagnosis and treatment. I elected for laser surgery in my right eye to improve short sightedness. Ms Saw diagnosed Blepharitis, a condition I had suffered with for some time...

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