Ms Valerie Saw is a friendly and very professional eye surgeon. She is very thorough during the examination. Valerie is courteous and immediately put me at ease providing just the right amount of information to enable me to make the right decision about having laser eye surgery(after over 45 years of wearing glasses for astigmatism and myopia the idea was a bit scary!)On the day of the surgery itself Valerie and her team were on time and walked me through exactly what was going to happen. During the surgery when I was quite nervous Valerie was reassuring, efficient and kept me fully informed.After surgery I received complete care and attention. Valerie made sure I understood exactly what I needed to do to take the best care of my eyes. The check-up after 3 months went well and the surgery had given me great vision even though I am 52 years old and should need reading glasses even after surgery (a fact which Valerie explained at the consultation) I have great vision with no glasses at all even reading a computer screen all day. When, ten months after treatment I had a slight concern over the dryness of my eyes, I was able to contact Valerie and she made time to see me within a few days and explained my eyes were fine but as I had been on over 40 hours of flights over a short period and in air conditioned offices for long periods this might have caused the dryness and I should continue to use the eye drops she recommended.I would highly recommend Valerie Saw to anyone considering eye surgery.