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In LASEK, the skin or epithelium on the surface of the cornea is removed, then an excimer laser reshapes the cornea. It is possible to do this with no-touch LASEK (transepithelial LASEK), where the laser removes the surface epithelium on the cornea.

LASEK is recommended for patients in the military or those who play contact sports, because of the absence of a flap which could potentially be disturbed following an injury to the eye. It can be recommended in patients with thin corneas and those with a high prescription, and in certain corneal abnormalities such as mild keratoconus

In LASIK, a precisely thin flap on the front of the cornea is created using a femtosecond laser, then an excimer laser reshapes the underlying cornea to correct the focus of the eye.

Both procedures are safe and highly effective, with over 99% of patients achieving driving standard vision or better after 1 treatment. Most patients are able to return to work within a few days after LASIK. With LASEK the visual recovery is slower, and it can takes 10-14 days for the vision to recover fully.

For more information on laser vision correction, see LASIK.

For prescriptions of -6D or less, outcomes are identical for LASIK and LASEK (Manche 2011).

Why choose Miss Saw as your surgeon?

Valerie Saw is an experienced, longstanding world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital surgeon (2010 – 2015) at the top of her field in both the NHS and privately. Unlike other LASIK surgeons who are not experienced in non-LASIK surgery, she routinely carries out complex corneal and cataract surgery, and LASIK surgery under her care is enhanced by this unique expertise.

She is the only female listed in the top 10 laser eye surgeons in the UK*. Valerie has performed thousands of eye surgeries and her results are second to none. With a reputation for providing the highest quality care, she is one of a specially selected group of Examiners for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists UK Certificate in Refractive Surgery. She is also a longstanding invited surgeon and advisor on the Council of the British Society of Refractive Surgery.

The safety of your eyes is paramount. Valerie and her dedicated team of expert professionals are passionate about providing world class care. Her practice has a consistent track record of excellence and safety. She is often referred complex cases, and it’s no coincidence that patients seek her help when things don’t go well elsewhere.

As the lead consultant at the London Dry Eye Clinic, Valerie Saw’s unrivalled skills in managing blepharitis, dry eye and contact lens-related problems mean that your pre-op and post-op surgery care is of the highest possible, meticulous standard which you should expect for any doctor who is dealing with your most precious sense, your eyesight. Not only is she an outstanding and skilled surgeon, Valerie’s goal for you is to have both excellent outcomes of surgery and excellent ocular health as a whole.

* according to Clinic Compare UK.

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Reviews from happy patients

Margaret Picken
I have only the highest praise for Valerie Saw and gratitude for her professionalism, kindness, and clear and calm advice before, during and following YAG laser capsulotomy on my right eye and the...
Kenneth Fish
Valerie Saw carried out cataract surgery on me as a private patient in April of 2011 at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. I am absolutely delighted with the outcome and can't praise her skills...
Christ Stott
Ms Valerie Saw is a friendly and very professional eye surgeon. She is very thorough during the examination. Valerie is courteous and immediately put me at ease providing just the right amount of...
Julie Brownson
I could not be happier with my decision to have laser eye surgery to correct short-sightedness/astygmatism performed by Miss Saw. Miss Saw is professional, calm and reassuring. She talked me through...
Carole Jones
What a lovely lady! What a fantasitic surgeon......My husband has only had one good eye since birth, and that was getting worse and worse. He had to wear glasses all the time and it makes things...
Heather Pearce
Absolutely delighted with result and service, couldn't be happier!
Bola Awoyinka
I had absolutely no idea of what to expect when I discovered cataracts in my eyes. And I was living abroad. On my first visit, during my initial consultation Valerie explained in very simple but...
Katie Price
Having laser eye surgery was the best decision I have ever made and, given the serious nature of the surgery, I researched the procedure and the best surgeon for me before commiting to it.The whole...
Kevin Carnegie
I was considering having laser eye surgery on my right eye. I consulted Valerie who diagnosed me with keratoconus. Valerie recommended inserting a Keraring in my eye instead of laser treatment. The...
Ruth Rowland
I’m very happy with my diagnosis and treatment. I elected for laser surgery in my right eye to improve short sightedness. Ms Saw diagnosed Blepharitis, a condition I had suffered with for some time...

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