Wearing contact lenses, even for many years, does not influence the outcome of LASIK surgery, providing the eye is healthy.

  • It is important to discontinue contact lens wear prior to having a consultation for LASIK surgery. This is because the contact lens temporarily alters the shape of the cornea. 
  • Sometimes contact lens wear induces dry eye, but this usually resolves once contact lens wear is discontinued.
  • If one has developed a corneal scar following an eye infection due to contact lens wear, it can be more challenging to carry out laser eye surgery.
  • (1) Wearing daily disposable contact lenses, (2) making sure that you are meticulous with contact lens hygiene, and (3) never swimming (not even inside goggles) or showering whilst wearing contact lenses, minimises the risk of developing an infection when wearing contact lenses, and optimises the chances of an excellent outcome, if and when you decide to have LASIK surgery!