I first met Ms Saw in the A&E department at Moorfields. I had a corneal ulcer on my right eye caused by my contact lenses. I was under her care for 3 months whilst the ulcer healed. I received excellent care and so I decided to go back to Ms Saw to discuss the possibility of laser surgery. Due to the large scar (3mm) on my right eye, Ms Saw was unsure if laser surgery would work and was very honest with me about the end result. I decided I wanted to go ahead and in August 2013 I had Lasik (left eye) and Lasek (right eye) treatment. Both eyes healed very well and recovery was very quick in my left eye (Lasik). Despite a large astigmatism in the left eye, the treatment was 100% successful. My right eye (Lasek) took longer to recover and although the 1st treatment corrected my short sight, it did not correct the astigmatism, which was probably due to the scaring from the ulcer. I continued to see Ms Saw for several months to assess progress and in January 2014, we decided to try a second Lasek treatment. This time the procedure was completely successful. I can now say, June 2014 that I have 20:20 vision in both eyes. It is amazing and I am SO grateful to Ms Saw for her professionalism and care. Despite being an ‘unusual’ case, she was willing to treat me and I hope that my experience will give hope to others in a similar situation. I have no hesitation in recommending Ms Saw and would highly recommend her.